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How to start SEO




How to start SEO

How to start SEO

How to start SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you get visibility of your website or webpage on the search engine result pages, and also help you get high rank on the result pages. SEO is an internet marketing strategy to get the search engine list you the highest on the search result and get people to visit your website or webpage. There are two types of SEO services. They are on page optimization services and off page optimization services.

On page optimization services

On page optimization services are the simplest and the most important means of optimization.

Keyword Research

Keywords work like clues for the search engines when they start the search for the content or site or anything else. Keywords attract the search engines to your site and help you get high ranking.

Meta tag optimization services

Meta tag is also a very important on page optimization service. Search engines look for Meta description of at least 155 characters. So you need to make your Meta description attractive and keyword rich for search engines, to get them visit your site and rank it high.

Off page optimization services

Off page optimization services in SEO are done off the page of your website.

Link building services

Search engines rank your page according to the links that you have on your website and the links that leads to your website. The more links you have the more higher you rank on the search engine result pages.

Directory Submission services

As you want to increase traffic and you want to rank high on search engine result pages, you only need to do is get your links registered, bookmarked, and shared on the various directories. By getting this done you get many links that lead to your site, means a higher rank in search engine result pages.

Content writing services

It is said that content is the king. To get your website ranked high, get the high quality content posted on your site. It will attract visitors, traffic and will lead to high rank from search engines.

Article Submission services

Article submission is also a great help to get high rank. When you post an article to any article directory you get a backlink. When people visit the directory and read your article they, they will suggest it to other sites and their friends and relatives, this will create traffic to your website which will attract attention of the search engine.

Press Release Submission services

Press release submission works same as the article submission service
Press releases can get you a lot of backlinks to your website.

Social Bookmarking services

Social Bookmarking service is same as the directory submission service. Here you need to do is get the link of your site posted and bookmarked. Mostly the surfers use these sites to get the website they would like to visit.