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All about Google page rank




All about Google page rank

All about Google page rank

All about Google Page Rank

What is Page Rank? Nowadays, lots of people are not familiar with Google Page Rank and how it really works. Page Rank (PR) is Google's process of calculating a web page's relevance and significance by looking at the quality of sites linking to it. It was named after Larry Page and was used by the Google Internet search engine, to assign a numerical weighing to each hyperlinked set element of documents, like the World Wide Web.

Though Page Rank is under Google’s name, Stanford University is the original powerhouse behind this internet tool. Google purchased the Page Rank tool from the said University for an amount of $336 million. Page Rank is undoubtedly the most popular tool used to determine website popularity these days. There are no other measurement tools available online that can create millions of variables and terms to transcend an already solid algorithm. Of course, Google won’t buy it if is not worth it.

Page Rank is not just based upon the average of inbound links. The central approach of Page Rank is taking into consideration the importance documents or websites linked to a certain page, but those links do not add up evenly. Initially, a file will have a high Page Rank if high ranking documents or pages are linked to it.

Google Page Rank is created to determine the importance of a certain website using global link popularity of a certain webpage that links back to it as the basis of measurement. Generally speaking, Page Rank is a good indication of the quality and quantity of links received by a certain website. From this thought, Google determines how important the page or website is, and rank it between PR1 to PR10, where PR1 is the lowest and PR10 is the highest.

PR checker tools can give almost accurate page rank of a certain website in just a matter of seconds. However, there may be times when visiting a site just to check another site’s PR can be boring and time consuming. Google Page Rank feature can also be installed as toolbars in web browsers to make it easier. These toolbars determine a site’s page rank instantly once it is visited by the user. In order to determine a website’s Page Rank, there are many tools available online where domain’s ranking can be reviewed for free. Nonetheless, choosing what tools to be use will always depend on the user’s personal preference.